Wednesday, February 04, 2009

On my mind lately:

Since I have been batching it for the last few days (Chris is on a course up in the 'Chuck) I have been contemplating a whole bunch of things.

1. Why is it so hard to get this goddamn TV?

2. Why does Max get over the fence then stare at me like I am supposed to go get him to come back?*

3. I think I like dyeing roving more than yarn, but its harder. But its prettier. But its harder. Le sigh.

4. I am crazy mad, mental insane over Spoon Fed. For reals their homemade crackers might just have real crack in them. At least when I commented that, Carmie (who is my newest hero/girl crush) actually emailed me back to lol at me. The soups? AMBROSIA. And weirdly, its making me cook more soup on my own. Viva La Soup!

5. I really want this shirt. See above image? Oh yeah.

6. My husband loves to make us look like zombies. Is that telling me something?

7. I *still* have a sweater, a cowl, a scarf and a whole lotta shit to take pictures of and put up. Since I hate the mySpace angle, its will still have to wait.

8. Mmmm cobbler smells so good cooking!

9. Mixing plain unscented baby oil with a nice smelling perfume oil? Best shower moisturiser EVER. I slop it on while still in the shower and rinse off a little. For a 1.99 (plus perfume oil) its inexpensive, effective, customisable, and FULL OF WIN.**

10. My new nail lady (Linda) made my nails look new. WIN.

11. I only have a half a sleeve and the collar left on my new sweater to finish. Then it can not get photographed too!

12. I should not watch youtube ghost videos when I have to sleep by myself. Not even if they are cheesey. And Max likes to bark at nothing when we are alone. Thanks senility!

13. My Bloody Valentine 3D? OMG SO FULL OF WIN! The tech is amazing! I hope one day all movies will be like this. It was gross, violent, bloody and FUN.

14. Bleach gets anything out of anything.

15. I kinda really want Rock Band 2.

16. Leave Christian Bale alone. For reals.

17. I loathe movies like He's Just Not That Into You. WHY? WHY DOES THIS GARBAGE GET MADE? Based on a self help book? Gragh.

18. Pickles loves his pest tent. No Max allowed.

19. Spinning Pygora? YUM.

20. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair? Changed my life.

*Not happening little buddy. Suck it up.
** I like my S'es ok spell check? Suck it up.

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