Thursday, January 01, 2009

Post Holiday Breakdown. In a good way.

Things we did this holiday season (not in order.. not even close):

Drove up North for my parents 50th Wedding anniversary! Holy cats! 50 years! We got the whole family together (for the first time since Chris and I got married. You know.. almost 10 years ago?) for dinner. Its shocking when the wee little nieces and nephews are not so wee. When they are taller than me. And you know, adults. Able to drink the liquor and live on their own with a boyfriend and go to college. sigh. Of course not many good pictures were taken, but it was nice to see everyone. Time passages.

We saw Jake and took him shopping for many, many things. Clothes, Cd's, shoes. All in stores I would never have gone in. With loud hip hop music. And baggy pants that need to be belted about ones butt to be the ultimate in cool. Um yeah. We threw some gang signs*, hung out and had a good time. He is such a funny kid.

Gave the dogs a bath on New Years eve. I know, hold the freaking phone, the excitement never stops. I had a bath using a LUSH bubble bar and when I was done I decided to dunk the dogs as they smelled, well.. doggy you know? And I reckoned how could a geranium scented dog be worse than the usual? Impressed? Judge for yourself.

Went shopping. A lot of shopping. My husband really really REALLY apparently NEEDED a new TV so we have a new addition coming next week. Voodoo man knows where a 52 inch LCD will go, but since this means we can pretty much ignore the theatre from now on, I'll make do.

Found out one of our LYS is closing. That is a sad state indeed, but the owner told me she'd been trying to sell for a year with no takers and she wants out before the economy slows down even more here. High end yarn shops are hit hard with the looming recession and the Internet makes price shopping EASY and with no overhead? You do the math. She is right, but its sad to see it go. Upside? I found some awesome discontinued Rowan Soft Tweed. Enough for a sweater! Hoo-rah!

Saw some friends we hadn't seen in ages.

Ate a lot of bad for you but oh so good food.**

Bought 2 Giftmess trees! 2! Both pink, both tinsel! Go ME!

Watched all of Deadwood. I learned new and exciting combinations of curses I never thought of. I also am now pining for some resolution, but what can a girl do? C@*&suckers! Oh and got a thumping big crush on Ian McShane.

Shovelled the walks like fourhundredeleventybillion times. And its snowing now. ENOUGH ALREADY.

and how was your holidays?

*Good thing I got my nails done.
**Note to self. No buying any jeans until after the feeding frenzy ok?

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