Monday, January 12, 2009

I gave in. (all about the stuff man..)

I did. I resisted as long as I could but in the end it was futile. I got an ipod. AND OMG HOW DID I EVER NOT ALWAYS HAVE ONE!?!? It is purple and shiny and when I shake it the song changes and it has games and I LOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT. Who knew 16g were this fun?

So um yeah.

Oh and I got some awesome new boots too. They have penguins on the bottoms! Very warm and good for Dog Park!

I finished a sweater, a hat, and a cowl. Pictures will follow. I hope. The sweater is simply amazingly snuggly. Why did I wait so long to be on the Rowan train? Argh.

We have had a bit of a debacle regarding Chris' new TV. He was disappointed, angry, sad and hopefully tonight, well on his way to actually getting one. Poor Chris.

I could go for some yam fries.


Anonymous said...

Do you go to "Tubby Dog" for yam fries? They have great ones!
(Evilknittingtwin @ Ravwlry)

Anonymous said...

Love the boots! Where did you get them???? I found some silly almost felt-like high brown boots for $17.00 at that famous department store Stedman's in Parksville. Good enough for high, dry snow - they'll probably melt after one season. I don't wear them when it rains!