Thursday, August 07, 2008

Time she flies

Oh my stars and garters all.. this summer (ha! summer my arse) is flying by yes? We had our trip up to see Jake boy and amongst the rides, dogs, puking (video to follow as soon as the laptop is back. That is another story for another day) and family we had an awesome time. Why do I find it so hard to type on my lap? Thankfully the PS3 is running linux like a pro so at least I can have some internets.

I knit some socks for the boy which I shipped off yesterday without nary a picture to be taken. I am starting another pair for myself out of some supersocke 100 fun colour. Hee hee fun colour. Really though. this is the first time I have knit with self patterning sock yarn (!) and it is a kick. I have been spinning lots and lots though. In fact I sent of my HHHHHHHHH swap last week and am eagerly tracking its progress via Canada Post to see it get to its destination. EXCITING. I had a beef going with an online vendor but hurray for paypal and their quick resolutions! Now I need to order some more fibre (but not until I finish the BFL I started a few months ago I've promised myself) to replace the stuff that never did show up. I'm thinking cormo or finn maybe. I really think a trip to Cochrane's Legacy gallery is in order. Don't you?

Sheriff Pickles and Deputy Max were superstars on the trip up North I have to say. Friendly, quiet and cute all around. Such good dogs yes?

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Dana said...

First time with self-patterning sock yarn??? I ONLY knit socks with self-patterning. I always get so excited seeing what the next colour or jaquard pattern will be!

We missed you when you were without the internets. Good to have you back!