Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good mail days, dog days of summer, are they the same?

Look at these silly dogs. Max never used to sit outside and soak up the sun, but Pickles showed him the way.

They are not enamoured of the kids next door (KND) as they take every opportunity to shout HI!!! at them. They'll get used to it. I hope.

So my good mail days include amazing soft yumminess from the ranches angoras. I ordered these last week and they were here in a flash. I am gobsmacked at the soft. Super wash merino with a hint of sparkle in the pink ones. And spinning? OMG LIKE CLOUDS. Nice!

These I dyed back in July. Rambouillet from Crystal Creek Fibres. The red went to my HHHHHHHHH* swap pal and the others stayed with me. Having never spun rambouillet, it was an absolute treat! I see more of this fibre in my future.

Since the cat is finally out of the bag, Chris can finally relax about his new job. He starts Sept 15th which gives him a nice 2 week break between jobs. One of which is in VEGAS. HELLO PLANET HOLLYWOOD. Mm.. ya know, I NEVER thought I'd be the Vegas type, but it really is the perfect place for the non travelling traveller. And these lucky pups even have their own travelling entourage coming to stay with them.

Max is alarmed

But ready for his profile

Pickles? Sleepy.

*Can never remember how many damn h's there are.

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