Friday, August 22, 2008

The cow, she laughs.

So before I forget, Chris INSISTS I write this out. I was watching the food channel and saw a show called French Cooking at Home. Mmm.. crepes! Anyhoo the adorable hostess talked about making a simple soup. How they do this with children in kindergarten to show them how easy and delicious cooking is (in France) and it really kickstarts their tiny palates. All I really go from this is how much more awesome the French were about pretty much everything in the kitchen (and I agree) and make your own food dammit. So I did. You are prolly gonna wanna read through the whole recipe as I am gonna be listing stuff you need as you need it. Nothing worse than running out of the house with boiling soup to find say, an immersion blender or cheese yes?

Franch Soup (said like a Westerner eh?) from French Cooking at Home with the cute blonde lady who I can't remembers name. My version.

3 big ol zucchini. She said she has used broccoli and I really think any veggie would work. In fact I'm dying to try CARROTS. mm. I dunno, use whatcha got I reckon. Roughly chopped. Leave the skins on, they add a lovely colour. Just wash it good ok?

I big ol onion, roughly chopped too.

1-2 l of stock. I used chicken cause I like meat. I bet veggie would be just as good. And then your soup would be vegetarian. NOT VEGAN MIND YOU. There is cheese involved. Just wait.

Now you are gonna take your roughly chopped veggies and toss 'em in a big ol pot with your stock. Season it. For the love if all things delicious, use SALT. Stop worrying about the SILENT KILLER. You know if you didn't eat Doritos, your arguments might hold water. Oh.. I digress. Ok salt and pepper for sure. Add any herbs/seasonings you want.

Boil the hell out of everything in a covered pot. At least a good 15-20 min rolling boil til everything is soft. SOFT I SAID. See.. we are gonnna puree this bad boy. Got an immersion blender? Get it now. I love my crappy old Braun one. Man that thing has been around forever! Ok got it? Now you need to get the secret ingredient. See the cow at the top of the page? Yeah, she is laughing. At you or with you, whatever, she laughs. Get some of that yummy triangulated cheesy goodness. 3 triangles/l of stock you used seems to work for me.

Take it off the heat, add the cheese and BLEND. BLEND BLEND BLEND. Seriously, this cheese adds the most incredible velvety texture to the soup. In fact I who normally shies away from cream soups (calorie heavy) am crazy mad mental insane for this soup. Use the light version (OH YEAH!) and you're golden calorie watchers!

>My husband who usually turns up his nose at anything that has a whiff of good for you about it, pigged down 3 huge bowls of this the first time I made it and whined for more. Its a wonderful colour, has awesome flavour and is seriously calorie light. Go forth. Make soup.

Even better the next day! If it lasts that long. :)

*I add cayenne hot sauce. Gives a kick.

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Daddy said...

Sweetpea: This recipe was originally developed by the Soup Nazi. He developed it in response to problems encountered by people engaging DS (dog sitters). It was found that in order to achieve the best results, DS have to be kept well nourished and thus friendly and well behaved (essentially no wild parties). Failure to meet this requirement often leads to fairies taking over control of the dogs temperment once the DS leave. I leave you these words of wisdon to act upon, or not. Your choice. The outcome of your decision rests on your shoulders. Be warned.