Monday, June 16, 2008

Notes from the weekend..

First things first. I get it. I agree. I surrender.

Krispy Kreme donuts reign supreme. For reals. When they opened up here a few years ago, we went, we tried we mehed. They were sweeet ye, but whatever. Yesterday Chris got it in his head (which I think may be a slightly scary place to be sometimes) he wanted a KK donut. A HOT ONE. So we trundle out to the NE and low and behold.. HOT DONUTS. So we go in and watch the process* and order. Well.. for Mr I Need A Hot Donut, he didn't order one. Instead I DID.

Which I proceeded to piggle down like it was manna from heaven. Which it was. Seriously. A hot, slightly crispy, sugary, steamy, puffy, delicious slice of heaven. Chris asked for a bite and I growled at him. For reals. Growled. Like a dog. I mean WHO DOES THAT? Well me apparently. I consented to the worlds smallest bite and when he nearly fainted from the good he went and bought 2 MORE. Which I promptly snarfed one of. I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE. Like literally.. 2 donuts at a time? 2 beers, well hells yes! 2 coffees? Natch. BUT DUDES.. OMGEWTFBBQ.

I bow down to the hot nuts of Krispy Kreme and forever swear off the nasty Tim Horton's with their trucked in frozen dough. Screw you. I mean I have been off your weak ass brew you try to pass off as coffee for a long time, but this is it. DONEZO.

In other news:

Hello Kitty Kuromi hard candies? THE WINNER.

Beet salad from Lina's? THE OTHER WINNER.

Sunshine? Nice to see you!

Dogs going for walks in the park? YES.

Secret Knitting? CHECK.

Well done weekend.. well done.

I think my Mummy and Daddy (Mumsy! Dadsy!) will be stopping in on their way down south this week. It will be awesome to see them..

PS HEY BLOGGER.. how about you stop sucking all kinds of stuff with the shitty picture uploading hmm? Thanks.

*incredibly awesome donut birth scenes. Not at all frightening.


Jocelyn said...

The first time I had Krispy Kreme I ate way more than two. If it's wrong I donut wanna be right. (hardy har)

Anonymous said...

Chris' cousin Pam from Duncan just asked for your blogsites - she used to have them. I am thrilled to be able to send them on - you have to have the best pics and the best "titles" going, you clever person!

Please give our love to Jake.