Monday, June 30, 2008

Minimal effort

Sometimes its all I can do to get the basics done. But then days of motivation happen:

They will be up in the shop when they are dry and I can sort them out :)

This weekend was awesome. Especially since I was pretty disappointed to start it. We were gonna go up North to see Jake, but he couldn't get the weekend off. Seriously who am I trying to get the poor kid to take off a long weekend? I know how low totem pole pecking orders work. So we had a great chat on the phone instead and he will book a couple of days off later on and we'll go see him. Oh my boy. I miss him.

Maybe another reason this weekend got good was the addition of 2 cupcakes and a visit to the farmers market at Currie Barracks where I found some gorgeous alpaca/merino roving that practically spun itself into spectacular lace weight? Could be! Or maybe it was finally hot out. Or maybe these guys had something to do with it:

Or maybe I'm just seeing the sunnier side of the street at last. My fantastic husband sees to that. :)

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