Friday, February 08, 2008


Ordinarily I would not shave my dogs when it gets cold like whoa, but due to some unforeseen circumstances...


Poor baby Max has to wear his sweater outside and Pickles won't leave me alone. In fact he is sitting on my lap as I type this one handed* licking my hand intermittently. Sucks. I am pleased to report that Pickles took a page from Mr Max and just sat there and let me shave him down really calmly. I have such good boys!! Such good boys!

I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to get a restock of my favorite face cream to find out it has been discontinued. ARGH! WHY?!? This is why I stopped shopping at the Body Shop. Oh well.. back to the drawing board.

So with the cold/warm/cold weather it has been perfect spinning weather. See??

These and other yummies will be up for sale probably Monday at the Etsy shop. More fibre and yarn will be up then too. Go on.. you know you wanna...


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dana said...

I'm loving that dog sweater... wish I had me one in a person size.