Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beauty and the beast

I have been thinking about beauty and its purpose in life. I mean I guess its different for everyone, and everyone has a different opinion on what beauty is. All I know is I feel like if you surround yourself with beauty, it improves your life to some degree. Whatever your definition of it is. I will be the first to admit I have a ridiculously shallow end to my gene pool. My family is a nice looking one I have to say. Yeah yeah, whatever right? But I find I am drawn to what I find attractive. Really who isn't huh? You know how attitudes can make people you never thought of as paticularily good looking can all of a sudden make them really desirable? The opposite is true as well.* I find my life has gotten considerably more beautful in the last couple of months. The absence of ugly is a fantastic thing innit??

In other still sick news; I'm still sick. OMG Alana, if this is what you have been dealing with for months at a time, I may cry myself to sleep for you for a year. This stomach flu/virus/affliction caused by voodoo man or bad mangoes or whatever is NOT FUN. My energy is gone and (deep breath) I have not knit or spun for 3 days now. Chris says its how he knows I am sicksickSICK. Well that and the house looks like hellinahandbasket. WAH! I wants my Mummy!!

SNOW. **

Oh yeah. Snow. Pickles loves it:

Max does not:

The floors, not so fond of it either. I think its a great way of getting some clean-ish water on it. Pickles isn't so sure about the clump thing though...

*Ridding oneself of crazy, draining, scattered conflicting energy beats the shit out of any cleanse from a box.
**Fresh this am. Yay.


dana said...

In honour of Valentine's Day, can I please make Pickles my honourary boyfriend?

Those clumps of snow on his fur remind me of my mittens after making snowmen or throwing snowballs... do you have a radiator where he can sit to melt and dry off?

Happy VD! :)

Lucy said...

Ohhh the sickness blues. I am feeling for you (and for myself) I hope you at least got something good from the boy for V-day.

I got a pair of size 00 jeans, yay me.