Monday, February 25, 2008

Chop Chop

Holy haircut Batman! I finally found someone who is so not afraid of the SHORT hair! I brought him pictures of Jean Seberg (in Breathless BTW) and he was all.. yay! So there it is. Nice quasi snarly face I know, but Chris never gives me any indication of photo time. I am THRILLED.

Weekend weekend weekend, where did you go? My breakdown of this past one:

Friday night. Um. Don't remember. Not because of anything whoa... just old age I reckon. Oh yeah! Haircut!!

Saturday. Chris went to play a tournament (OF CHAMPIONS!) for like all day (8 hours or so) so after french toast, watched 3 movies*. Spun, knit, generally chilled. I am officially off some meds I was taking for some serious anxiety last year (day 3 today!) and was having some wicked brain shocks etc (and still am.. this shit is bananas! BANANAS!) so was chillin'. Chris came home not (sadly not a champion in anyones eyes but mine) and brought pasta and chocolate cake. WHATTA MAN! No kidding huh? Watched Gone Baby Gone. Oh. My. God. I now love Mr Casey Affleck. Yup. LOVED IT. But really I love Dennis Lehane, so no surprise. OH! And was kept awake until 4.30am by some psycho guy who had OCD about MASS EFFECT.

Sunday. Oh Sunday. Went out, got greasy Spicy Hut, ate so much meat! mmm. Lollygagging was the main theme of the day.
So yeah, this brain shocky thing is interesting. VERY INTERESTING. As the kids say I feel a little like I'm tripping balls. But holy hell.. it will be awesome to to be all cool with no assistance. We'll see right?

Oh Jeezus DANA IF YOU DON'T STOP POSTING AWESOME BLOG LINKS, I'LL NEVER GET OFF THIS THING!!! Meg Fowler, Jezebel.. sigh. You rock the cool missy. Oh yes you do.

*Equus! Holy full frontal.


dana said...

That hair looks nothing less than PERFECTLY FABULOUS! I love it! Makes me miss my old (really) short haircut of yesteryears. Seriously. I love it.

Heather said...

I love the hair!!
Short hair rocks and you rock it well!!
Can't wait for UFC this weekend!!

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

That is one awesome haircut--looks great! I'm not sure which is harder on the system, going on meds or going off them. Good luck with it.