Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Picture pages

West Coast Represent!
Totally what the hardcore WC's do on their days off from the hood. MINIGOLF! Dig that dyed blue water.
See.. the dog DID come with!

Obliagtory art profile at Chemainus (home of awesome burrito guy Pierre!).

Myspace angle. But aren't we cute?

Hey look.. BALLZ. Hahahahahaha I am so 15.

Jakes new Daddy.

Someones gonna get spanx-ed.

Max as an only dog.. pre Pickles.

Zombie Simpson me. Thanks to photshop wizard Chris.



Knitting pictures coming soon.


Sara said...

OMG! Max IS a cutie-pie! He's so tiny. Pickles too of course. :)

Robin said...

Ya gotta play mini golf at least once every summer! Hope you're having a great time!

dana said...

What-- no more pink blog?! I am saddened. :(

But the photos of the trip look great! Love your hair now-- it looks fab.

Tangerine Dreams said...

Mable, Max, Pickles, the men in your life. Everything you touch turns unreal cute!