Sunday, June 03, 2007

May babies

In honour of the newest link on the sidebar.. OTTER MADNESS!!!!

May has always been an awesome month. The first buds of spring, lilac trees, may trees, super hot +30 days, the snow... the joy of living in Calgary. You know, same old, same old. But it also a month filled with birthdays and anniversaries and general cause for celebration. And really.. PRESENTS!!!!! I have the most amazing friends.. I really do.

Worlds cutest strawberry mug (that had a FANTASTIC sbux card in it mwah!) from Michelley. She knows me all too well. Its a sickness is the coffee love. This was a toffee gingerbread latte and it was SWEET! kiss kiss.

Then on Friday who shows up, cool as cucumber and all pleased but Miss Morgan. Fresh with a new job and full of piss and vinegar. No surprise there huh? She tosses this oh so casually in my bag without a second glance and remarks in her Morgan like way. TAKE IT. IT'S FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY. Since all smart women are maybe a titch scared of that growl.. I happily obliged. SO EXCITED to get to this I tell ya! I see Island knitting there I do.

Knitting content ahead..

Top down seed stitch raglan in Phildar Pure Laine 3 1/2. Superwash YES! Bad (allegedly the same phhhht) dyelots? YES! I know you can see the line in the first photo.. evryone can see the damn line. But I think something will eventually be done about it. It fits like a dream and will make an excellent fall sweater. I'll deal. I love how the seed stitch collar continues down the raglan increase. I'm really pleased with how this came out.

Deeply ribbed (for my pleasure!) superhero arms sweater. Done in Knitpicks Gloss (cocoa) 2 stands held together. It took less than 10 balls so it was about a 40-ish dollar blue light special. Go strong Canadian Dollar! GO! This is spectacular on. And has the most amazing bit of lustre. I am really impressed with how smooth and next to the skin soft it is. I loved it and even though some people think that 8+ inches of 2x2 ribbing is all kinds of crazy, it was soooooo worth it. YUM!

On the needles now... mystery pinkness. I will spill that it is from Elann (Aracaunia Alpaca) and is yet another 40$ BLS. This is going to be a scrumptious bit of knitting if I do say so myself. Just wait and see..

In other news.. the shop will be closed for 3 days this week so I have a whole week off! I should maybe make some home improvement plans. Not that this will get done or anything, but I'd sure like to paint the bathroom. Hahahahahahaha! Riiiiiiight............


aunty tink said...

Now I know wht I haven't seen you much lately. You've been busy knitting! I love the top dawn raglan. Looks great.

christine said...

Wow... surely you have too many sweaters now, and you should start handing them down to MOI :P Very niiice!

Home improvement... I hope to do some painting myself next week. It always seems like a good idea until I'm actually in the midst of it.

Tara said...

OMG these sweaters are encroyable!!! I bet they are both smokin' on too! Love it!!

carmelclose said...

How could your friends not spoil you rotten on your birthday - you totally deserved it!! SMOOCH

granolagirl said...

Happy Birthday my dear!!

Look at all these FOs, I am green with envy, as you will be the talk of the town when you get to sport all these gorgeous new sweaters in the fall, and I have...half a chevron scarf to wear!