Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Puppies on the brain


Everywhere I go I am surrounded by puppies. Do you think someone, somewhere is trying to tell me something? ;) Better than babies I reckon..


And it's done! It was a super fast fun knit this one, all alpaca, all the time. Top down (why do I even bother to say that now? WHY?) hip length cardigan. Very fitted, with eyelet increases. I have to say this was a titch hairy, but I gave it a wash and pushed some hair conditioner through it now its snuggle city. The colour is truer in the shots below.

Thanks be to work and the mannequin/light. I'd never get this done with it. Speaking of work.. OMG. Today I went a bit bonkers and bought another sweaters worth of this:

But in a more khaki green colour (10). It has the most fantastic hand, soft and luscious. And the shine, did I mention the shine? As I was pricing this to put out I just kept thinking, "Hello there my next sweater!" and before I knew it was in my knitting bag whispering promises of gorgeousness. I am a whimpering pile of something when it comes to silk. Oh yes. This will go fast, mark my words.

Which reminds me.. I have a whack of silk coming from Hip Knits. Kerrie was kind enough to dye me some aran weight in the colourway Kiss. Pink you know. Like almost everything lately. But I do love my pink. Its in the post as I type and I cannot wait to get my frantic little paws on it. SILK!

We are venturing out west next month and I am in the possession of a GC to one of the Islands Treasures, Mad About Ewe. I am all aquiver at the possibilities!


Tangerine Dreams said...

You are too cute, Birthday Girl!! Happy belated. Nice to learn seven more things about you too. We have even more in common (I'd watch Office with you. LOVE it but only have access to season one.) The works you're cranking out are gorge (I just made that word out). Miss you! THank you for the baby otter. The vision is now happily tattooed in my head.

carmelclose said...

Nice pinkie (but who doubted) - saw the silk on Tuesday pm and thought it was yummy as well but I'm on a moratorium and must digress from buying silk (you'll see on Friday.....)

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

That is one sad looking little dog… and an amazingly cute sweater! Belated happy birthday.

Heather said...

What a beautiful sweater! How many skeins of the Araucania did you use?

karen said...

I used 10 of the 50g skeins. Mmm.... now if it wasn't the surface of the sun out..