Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Of cupcakes, dyelots and love


Random snaps of the food from book launch. Um how come figs are so good? Not as sweet as a cupcake (which I will cop to eating at least two of. Not nearly as many as Chris, but why mess with the master?) but fantastic with a nice smelly goat cheese. Mmmmmm.....

I have finished another sweater in Phildars Pure Laine 3 1/2. Its quite lovely, but I am having some um, issues. Ok its not Lion & Lamb but that is neither here nor there, its the colour that has me confused. All the same dye lot, but not the same colour. Really.

Its not that easy to see (and the spawn is being absolutely no help at all this morning, damn his teenage moods) so this pic will have to do. There is a definite colour change. Like 2 shades. I took this into work yesterday and with some help decided to emphasise it. Celebrate it if you will. Ok, not really celebration worthy I know but lets take it where it comes. You'll see the finished result soon. Really.

Today is May 8th right? Its mine and Chris' 8th anniversary. It should have been later but the year we got married was the year the new Star Wars movie came out and we could not compromise that opening day. I am so not kidding. One of the many reasons I love my man.

According to About.com:

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Bronze or Pottery
Modern Anniversary Gift: Appliance
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Casino Visit

Um hay! That casino trip sounds MIGHTY FINE! Chris got me a spectacular cashmere sweater (on sale! WE LOVES A BARGAIN YES!) and he is getting a quick joystick charger and faceplate for his X Box 360. We are such buckers of tradition.

I love you Chris with all my heart.


dana said...

Aw... I'm a fool for such romance! Congratulations on the 8th anniversary. What's with appliances as gifts, though? Do they mean like 'microwaves', or more like 'espresso machines'? Marty would get a sucker punch in the gut if he ever gave me a microwave for our 8th anniversary, but I might be able to live with the espresso machine. Only time will tell...

Christine said...

Bon Anniversaire!!!

YAY, you posted, I missed reading you :)

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

You guys are such a cute couple! Will you hate me forever if I say I tagged you for that 7 random things meme? Sorry. If you want to play along, the information is on my blog.

Tara said...

Happy Anniversary (all late and stuff)!!! The gifts sound great!! Patrick and I are ALSO celebrating 8 this year (in October). Here's to making it past seven years of being itchy :)
I think i will take an espresso maker please!