Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows..

Nothing sweeter than an FO is there? 2? Even better. I woulda had three (which is a magic number ya'll!) but I got irritated at the yarn and pulled it out, but more on that later. For now, in chronological order.. Helens Lace Shawl in Tickled Pink. This was easily the most fun you can have knitting lace for a lace-a-phobe. Spectacular results, no charts (I know, I KNOW CHARTS ARE YOUR FRIEND right D?) no fuss, no muss. Short rows with no wrapping and turning, and if the pattern was written a teeney weeney bit clearer (you move that damn marker every row ok?) it would have been sublime. Ok it really was sublime. And fast. Did I mention fast? Because holy helena handbasket this was SUPER FAST. Like BULLET TRAIN fast. I loved it and want to knit more. The extra super cool? It is such a gossamer light whisp of a thing it is easily worn as a straight up scarf. Pulled through ala the french girl chic style. It is so yum. I definitely see me making more of these.

Oh and I also got 9 repeats of the pattern out the ridiculous 1200+ yards. The pattern says to do 6, but 9, well 9 is so much more a magic number innit? I have maybe 20 feet left over. I hate to waste dontcha know. Look at that yummy little fringe at the end? Isn't it just sweet? I didn't block this, and don't think I have any intention of blocking. I like the semi scrunched look, and think it actually works in this case.

Next is this smashing little summer weight cardigan I designed just for this luscious yarn. Its Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb in Mineshaft and if you haven't had the pleasure of touching this stuff.. I just don't even know what to say. It has maybe ruined me for all other yarn. It has the the softest hand, and feel almost cottony but with a smoothness and bounce that is hard to believe.

I was especially thrilled with the button band. After one small mishap that involved me pulling out the finished band (and OMG I DIDN'T CARE the yarn really is *that*nice to work with) and getting some advice (pick up 2 out of every 3 stitches for worsted or bigger yarn vertically! Thanks Amy!) and going down 2 needle sizes (and some corner mitering thanks D again), it came out exactly like I'd seen in my head! Shocking when that happens eh?

A quick steam block and it was more than ready to go. I am so absolutely pleased with this. It fits like well.. like it was made for me ha ha. Really though the side shaping is perfect, the 3/4 length sleeve is fantastic and I just couldn't be happier. Oh and it took less than a week and less than 5 skeins. GO ME!

Now I have to ask you all in deh blogosphere.. its a serious question ok? About um.. Socks That Rock. Now I come to you with an open mind, I have knit socks before. Worsted weight socks even. Using... um.. I am almost scared to write this... WOOL-EASE. Ok its done. No big right? I am the girl who knit her first sweater out of Lion Brand Homespun (and I'm sure its keeping some homeless guy really sweaty right now. It got donated so fast it was almost a bending of the space time continuum) so long ago huh? But I digress..

Ok, now you all know that I picked some STR up in Edmonton a while back . The purple skien I wanted to make a mini clapotis out of. In fact I was almost done it up until yesterday. I had been merrily knitting away since Saturday on it. Now I'm not sure if I am going to be tarred and feathered for this (SERIOUS QUESTION HERE-->) but does this stuff not seem all that soft? In fact does it feel gasp*plasticky* to anyone else? I thought because I had been knitting with manna from heaven nothing would feel soft like that again and was really enjoying the colour if nothing else and really hoped it would soften up after a good wash/block. But upon getting it out of my knitting bag to show a customer at work yesterday she remarked in the same thing. HAVE I BEEN SUCKERED BY THE INTERNETS? Or am I taking yarn snobbery to a whole new level? Aside from the fact that I unravelled the whole thing due to some user error.. I am now a little alarmed at this turn of events. Maybe socks need to be um.. sturdy? I dunno bloggies.. it is possible that I am ruined isn't it?

On the needles now (not a clapotis!) is a pullover Weasley Type sweater out of Phildar Pure Laine. Just started the collar last night.. will update when have more to show.


Book signing at Make 1 Yarns this Saturday. 7 pm. Come one come all! Maybe you can get Felt up all over :)




carmelclose said...

Beautiful FO's little kittin, especially the Mineshaft (yum). As for STR, never worked with it - too much other good stuff in the M1 world that I can do socks with, like bunny socks from Sublime......think maybe we're all just a bit yarn snobbish in the big scheme of things, depends what you like and what you dont!! Cant make it to the felt up (LOL), will be busy with Manchild's wedding, have one for me k?

Robin said...

The shawl looks great, as does the sweater! Such beautiful colours! I have not used STR either so have no feedback for you.

christine said...

Wow, I sound like a broken record but your FOs are beautiful. Especially the shawl. Gossamer is right--I can see it on a fairy queen flitting from flower to flower.
Is that the secret for the button band then, pick up 2 out of every 3? And how much smaller for the needles? I ask because I have to pick up & knit one to finish off my 1st sweater and I don't want to do the band in the pattern.

Lucy said...

I love the mineshaft sweater! It is just my style. what with the half length sleeves and scoop neck and all.

The Helen's lace shawl is awesome, I made mine out of Watercolour. I wish I was as brave as you not to block it though. I blocked it (and I admit I love it blocked) and gave it to the mother-in-law for her b-day.

As for STR, I havn't used it yet but I am partial to slightly more sturdy sock yarn (see Jitterbug). I want the Lucy colour real bad.

Heather said...

Oh, your little cardi is beautiful, what a great design Karen! I love it.