Friday, July 29, 2011

Brown sugar.. why do you taste so good?

Serious Lemon Muffins. SERIOUS.*

2 c flour
1 tsp soda/salt
2 eggs
1/2 c butter
1/2-2/3 c sugar
2-3 tsp lemon flavouring/extract
500 ml plain Greek yogurt
couple squirts lemon juice
2 tsp vanilla bean paste
you can add some lemon zest if desired. I find it a little bitter.

lemon juice/sugar in equal amounts

Cream butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, lemon, flavour, yogurt, and juice.
Add dry to wet, don't over mix.

Cook in 325 oven for approx 25 min or until done. Poke tops with fork, spoon a little bit of glaze on top.

I need to refine this a bit. It was lemony, but didn't have the POP of flavour I wanted. I think next time I will up the lemon juice in the batter. Also I will do a cooked glaze. Maybe a blend of icing sugar and lemon juice (and get fresh this time dammit!) cooked on the stove until blended and spooned over the muffins. That sounds better. I do love me a good muffin. Chris LOVES these with some raspberry jam spread on them.

In other non muffin related news.. well there isn't much actually. My knitting has slowed to a crawl as I am still mesmerized by video games which eats into my knitting time considerably. I still try to knit during my HORROR MOVIE DE JOUR PROJECT but sometimes I just have to snuggle dogs instead.

How could you not want to snorgle these faces?? They are being bed-sharks on the snuggle pit (our bed) and OMG SO CUTE I CAN'T BREATHE!! Wow. That just blorked out!

Ooh look! More hail! What a surprise. Or you know, not. July in Calgary (especially during the Stampede) is wacky weather time. I kinda like it. Even if this hail storm did cause my video game horse to get eaten by wargs or some such bullshit and made me swear off paying for mounts ever again and watching hail while playing a video game that can't be paused (Sacred 2 Epic Fail) and write giant run on sentences. I'm unsure if that made sense. But this is stream of consciousness here, go with it.

Lily was entranced by the hail. She loves the screen door (or as we call it, DTV=dog TV) and watches it all the time. Her and Pickles are amazingly hilarious together. I'll try to get some video of them soon.

Good thing our car already got paid out from the hail last year. Poor dimpled Jack.

*there is no brown sugar in this recipe.


Anonymous said...

For the lemon zest thing - make sure you aren't including ANY of the white pith below the rind, then it won't be bitter. If you have one of those new planer things, they work a treat for just getting the thin yellow rind.
The muffins sound good.

Dana said...

That hail is INSANE!!! We never get hail (or thunderstorms) in Vic. Sometimes I miss the storms, but I don't miss hail dents. At all.

Brighton Creative said...

These muffins sound seriously good, I will have to bake some now! :)