Friday, December 03, 2010

I'm a picture that I'm holding of someone who is cool..

Don't know where the time is going. This year is sliding by like crazy. Not being measured by happy moments this time, but things that leave a red mark on my heart. Hope they will fade, and with time and liberal applications of love, nail polish and puppies that they won't scar. Another friend from the olden days has died. Too young and tragic to forget, it makes me lay down and fall backwards into the past. It makes me sit up and take stock of what I got and know it's all good. Let the lovin' come back to me..

So what makes everything better? This. I try to explain that it's pain with a purpose, productive pain. Chris sees it too now. It's a moment frozen.

Sometimes all you want to do is shine, and now it will be that way forever. I love my tattoo artist. Rick. Fits us in like old friends and bangs out minimal ideas into full fledged art.

I said on Facebook that old friends know the best stories and they really do. I was lucky enough to get a flying visit with a friend and it felt like we were 15 still. With older more real life stuff, but still lying on the couch, it was 1984 again. Lou Reed says "You're going to reap just what you sow". I am trying to sow the seeds of a better year. Let the planting start.


Dana said...

I love your tattoos! I agree that Rick does an excellent job.

I hope things swing up again really soon for you. 2010 has been a tough year, no?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous arms. Just gorgeous.