Thursday, December 16, 2010

I can see clearly now.....

Proof that I have been doing stuff besides the whinge. I actually have been super productive. Did some test knits, some holy shit I have no hat must knit hat now, knitting. Some more scarfy knits too. I have no desire to knit mittens but I need some more. Maybe I'll  (gasp) buy some. Also, proof that if there is any knitted objects laying about you can be sure Pickles is resting at least one body part on it. I had to take some pictures for the test knitting I did, and had to shoo him away repeatedly. He is such a cam whore.

I knit this Cordova out of some bulky yarn I had left over from a sweater fail. It looks smashing on, but dude, I am not subjecting anyone a picture of me right now. I really need to tint my brows. White eyebrows=ugh.

I knit 2 of these. One right after the other. How whack is that? Whipped has proved to be one of my fave things to knit this year. I can totally see doing another one out of worsted weight. It would be like a puffy cloud.

This was nice to knit too. I know part of it is the yarn choice but Chinook was a great TV knit. The Punta Yarn was an absolute joy to knit. I'd like to do something a little tighter gauge wise next time with it. Also, OMG CHEAP. I got it at Pudding for 10$. Yeah 460 yards for 10$. I picked up a red a green too. Good deal!

This was the test knit. Isn't it gorgeous? I used up some Rowan Silky Wool I had and it was a great pairing with the pattern (Intermediate Scarf in Silk Rhapsody Glitter) and blocked out like a dream. Lucky me to be able to test something so freaking lovely!

In other news, Chris and I got new phones!! I have a pal who has an android phone that I have been secretly coveting for some time now, and I have to say it was that covet-ness that made me do it. We weren't eligible for a hardware upgrade from rogers yet (2 months for me, 12 for Chris) but I managed to persevere*and get us both upgraded now!

AHHHHHHHHH!! It's the proper internets in my phone!! Fantastic thing this technology! It's so pretty, and shiny and oh my gracious!

Pickles says stay warm and beware the gummi bears... they are 3 days from taking over the world.

*stay on the phone for 45 mins on hold to the retention dept. Once I got a service rep, she rather unhappily told me since I was sent there by a shop she couldn't refuse my request. So I said "um.. yay for me? and boo for you.. sorry" BUT YAY NEW SEXY PHONE!!!


KarenD said...

Pickles makes a lovely knitwear model. :) I do need to get myself a fake head, though; I feel strange taking pictures of gift hats on my own head.

Also, congratulations on your new phone! I love my Moto Droid like I have never loved a phone before.

karen said...

Pier One had the glass heads a while ago. I hate taking hat pictures too

Pickles says thanks. he gave a lucrative modeling career to be a dog. ;)