Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Heart Remains a Child

Apparently I make a wicked good bean salad! Who knew? I've been trying to eat a little healthier since these stupid meds I'm on have a really awesome side effect of weight gain (which is full of suck) and really.. we could all totally eat better than we do. Right?

Awesomely bright bean salad.

1 can black beans (drained)
1 can corn (drained too)
1 pepper. red/yellow/green, your choice. I used yellow. mmm..
a bunch of grape or cherry tomatoes.
1 whole lemon
salt and pepper

Make sure your beans and corn are well drained, toss 'em in a big ol' bowl.
Dice the pepper. half or quarter your tomatoes. Depending on size. toss them in the bowl too.
cut the lemon in half, and juice that sucker right over the bowl. Both sides. You can add a little zest of the lemon if you were so inclined.
Add salt and pepper. I used lots of pepper. I love pepper.
Make sure your salad is well mixed and put it in the fridge. Let it chill for a couple of hours. Eat. Go OMG! I had no idea bean salad was this good with not a stitch of added fat in it! Marvel that your husband who can be notoriously fussy eats 2 huge bowls of it and is actually excited to eat the leftovers the next day. Feel good about making yourself look like a food rockstar.

I have been doing something really out of character for me. I have been working on more than one knitting project at a time! I KNOW RIGHT!?!

This was a super fun knit. The yarn is a silk bamboo mix I got from (gasp) Michaels ages ago. Beautiful drape and so shiny and pretty! I loves it!

Pickles says HAI GUISE!

Um.. yeah. So I went and got some more ink. It is the companion piece to my sweet cupcake. I was so excited when it was done I was showing all the hardcore dudes in the shop. Hey! Dudes! Look at this sweet fucking ball of yarn! Wow, did they all laugh. And they all loved it :) I really dig going to Strange World Tattoo, and Rick is totally the man. He is funny and really awesome to work with. Clearly I like him, he's done 6 tattoos for me. This is his first yarn ball he's done. I know, I live to provide people with fresh new experiences. It's a gift.

Max doesn't care. 


Dana said...

This is possibly the best post EVER. First off, I LOVE BEAN SALAD but never knew how to make it myself. I know, right? Now I will be fabulous and eat nothing but bean salad forever.

Secondly: I know the Michael's yarn you are talking about and I love it, too. I made an (impractical, must handwash) baby gift out of it and really loved the yarn!!

Thirdly: tattoo?! AWESOME!!! Even better would have been the hardcore man reactions to it. RAWR!! CRAFTS ARE SO BADASS!!!

Robin said...

I was just considering taking up knitting AND getting another tattoo. Then you followed my blog (thank you!!) and I checked out yours .... KISMET. :)

karen said...

Dana, you are a BADASS all on your own. you know it. I know it.

Robyn, I saw your link on Wan's blog! One polish junkie to another, kismet is real! nice to meetcha :)

Heather said...

That bean salad sounds great!! And I agree with Dana, what a great post!!
I love your tattoo, it is so you: Awesomely original!! And I think you should definitely boast about your craftiness, even if it is to tough guys in a tattoo parlor ;)
I love how Pickles talks, Solomon says the same thing all the time! You make me laugh, what would I do without your awesome blog!