Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sheena is a punk rocker, me too!

So the time has slid by like butter on a hot plate yes?

Some recent highlights:

-Chris got some contract work (while he looks for a permanent place) with his old company! Hurrah! I now know we will be fine when he retires. I am lucky enough to truly enjoy my dude's company. Although stuff does get done more when he is at work. And the kitchen stays cleaner.

-Speaking of the kitchen.. why did I choose WHITE FLOORS? We've had a gorgeous spell of weather here which leads to little doggie foot prints. Good thing I have awesome floor mops* at either side of the room.

-We went to Canmore this weekend with the aforementioned company for their belated Xmas party. Nice!

-I've been baking and knitting and painting my nails with great regularity. Not all at the same time. I don't have that kind of skill set.

See? A nice sweater! Spud and Chloe sweater yarn and it's completely washable. NICE!!

And a lovely scarf. This is knit out of a merino/silk blend I spun up. It was fun and very, very simple. Great TV knitting.

-Chris had a quick trip out to the Island after his Grampa passed away. It was very sad, but he really loved seeing all his awesome relly's and goggling at the green grass. As always much love to you all out there.

-My Mom and Dad are in Vegas AS I WRITE. Moms' cancer treatment is done for now, and she was feeling a little perkier so off they went. I hope they are having a fabulous time.

-My back pain is still here, but since we have been treating this like a fibromyalgia case (which bites but WHATEVER. I am so frikken tired of being tired and in pain and all the symptoms fit so there!), the pills I am taking to help with my sleep has reduced it to being able to be managed with OTC stuff! Go Me!

-Jake turned 18. I cannot have an adult child. I AM NOT GROWN UP MYSELF!

-My hair is in a short bob right now. I'm trying to decide if I wanna chop it all off again. Really, it's just a matter of time right?

-I realise that I only like to blog when Chris isn't home. Blame him for the lack of posts.

*awesome floor mops? kitchen towels on the floor you scrub around with your feet. lazy is as lazy does.


Dana said...

Yowza! It's been too long, but I'm totally comfortable blaming Chris for your extended absence. Not a problem.

It sounds like you guys have been up to no good (as usual), but that's why I keep checking for your updates! ;)

I can't believe Jake is 18.

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