Thursday, January 14, 2010

so much ink.. so little skin.

When you spend your life following the rules, and you still get a kick in the goolies.. GET TATTOOED!! At least this seems to be Chris' new mantra. He was unfortunately laid off on Dec 9. It was a total shock for him (and me!) and seems to be a poor choice on his (former) companies part, but it is what it is. Happy Christmas assholes! So he just up and decided that FUCK THE MAN was kinda appropo.. and VOILA! I seem to have forgotten to take pictures of Chris' other side. It's the same as Big Red, but it's blue!

My reasons aren't nearly as shazam worthy.. I am an addict. Plain and simple. But ain't it just sweet?

This year promises to hold lots of challenges*, new beginnings and who knows what else. It should be.. interesting. To say the least.

*my little tiny baby turns 18. gulp.


Dana said...

I have to say, I am loving the cupcake tattoo. Only you would get a cupcake permanently etched! :)

And go Chris: Way to screw The Man! Lightning bolts do it every time. Eff you, MAN!

marnie said...

Love the cupcake... it has you written all over it (or vises versa as the case may be). Change is good.