Saturday, April 18, 2009


Oh poor bloggy.. you have been so neglected lately haven't you? Well I wanted to blog about our trip to the Vegas, but was sidetracked by an impromptu renovation that took hold. But I reckon chronological is best isn't it?

The Vegas.

We stayed at Planet Hollywood again. Just so you know, the sandwich* totally works and a 20$ tip got us upgraded to a way bigger room with a strip view. Oh yeah.

We made some new friends:

And an old one:

We saw beauty queens and a show:

The Amazing Jonathan was AMAZING. Ok not really, but he was bloated, completely not PC, vulgar and not just a little bit drunk. We loved it. He was raunchy. I think he used to be a magician, but the only things I saw him make disappear was some shots and a beer. Not for the faint of heart.

We saw Volcanoes, fountains and so. many. kids.

It was weird to see so many people pushing strollers. Why? Vegas=not for kids. Although Chris and I found it hilarious to see a 7 year old boy picking up the hooker trading cards the snappers hand out while his 5 year old brother was laughing. Oh Vegas!

We ate too much, drank too much, and had too much fun!

Next up... RENO. HELL.

*Front Desk Tip It works. For reals.

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Dana said...

We missed you! I've never heard of the front desk tip but will def. [get Marty to] try it if/when we ever go to Vegas. (I'm too awkward and prepubescent to pull it off..)