Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hell-o reno.

It all started with a leaky faucet. Isn't that the way it goes? The night before we left for Vegas the taps in our ONE BATHROOM house decided to shit the bed. GREAT. Fortunately, my parents are the good sport types and used the kitchen sink for everything. Good thing its a whopping 10 steps away.

So we come back from Vegas. Taps. Argh. Go to find a replacement cartridge (not a washer type this POS. Nope. A cartridge. L.A.M.E.) and the nice dude at Rona gives us 2 for free! Delta has a lifetime warranty. You know, if they fit that is. Which they don't.

Off to buy a cheap replacement faucet. BUT whats that I see? A super cute vanity? For like 100$? Well that of course leads to better taps. Which leads to a new floor as the old one just won't do with all that new floor space. Which leads to a new toilet* (super small! super efficient! 2 flush sizes!) which leads to new paint which leads to a new bathroom.

We only had to call the plumber to attach the sink as we have NON STANDARD plumbing. But you know.. its pretty smokin' if I do say so myself.

Now if you ever hear me volunteer to paint another bathroom.. you know there is something really wrong with me. Cause that ain't NO FUN AT ALL. Really though, scraping up ancient flooring isn't either.

The awesome? We have more room, and its pretty and fresh and clean. And we learned that NO WAY IN HELL could we ever do our own kitchen. NOPE.**

AND Chris got to smash the old toilet with a hammer! Fun times!

*Chris calls it the Hello Kitty toilet it's so small!
**But I have a sneaking suspicion it will be done :)


Anonymous said...

Being in the business of "Painting" the key is to paint behind the toilet when it's out. Even if thats all you paint until the rest is finished.
And people wonder why I charge what I charge to paint a bathroom....No one likes to do them!


Anonymous said...

Nice toilet! Space-age flusher.

Dana said...

I love the shower curtain! Where did you get it (so I can copy you in Victoria without you ever knowing it?)

Heather said...

It looks awesome Karen!! Good work!

Anonymous said...

I need to know the truth. Did you actually break a sweat? That's part of the reno process and you can't claim to be a full fledged DIY guy without breaking into at least one good sweat.