Thursday, September 18, 2008

Technology sucks (me in)

Yargh. SOMEONE decided to muck about on my side of the laptop and now I am resetting everything AGAIN. SOMEONE* better check this shit out before he does it again.

In other non tech news:

I have recently paid off a substantial library fine (thank you Pickles for tendering your literary criticism and eating that book) and have gotten some awesome reading on. Right now I am LOVING Watch You Bleed by Stephen Davis. The story of Guns and F'n Roses man! Bang on! I also have a weird fetish lately about old Robert E Howard Conan books and anything H P Lovecraft. I have been trolling used book stores for them . I have unleashed my inner 14 year old.

Yesterday was wash the dogs day. A job I truly don't mind as I use Kathy's soap. Well I guess its not her soap anymore. Yikes I just realised that. I had a decent little stash of it but I gave some up to my seeester in law for her birthday and am down to about a bar. See my old guy Max has really sensitive skin and this is the best soap I have ever used on him. Plus it makes him smell good for ages! Seriously! Pickles likes it too! Damn.. now I will eventually have to find a new soap purveyor. Preferably with hemp!

Ok now I have a problem to whinge about. I have 3 single socks I knit that have gone through on the ball of the foot. On ONE SOCK ONLY. I think its my new sneakers that is eating them (but its different feet so....?) alive. I suppose I should darn them but UGH. Darn it all** I don't wanna. Oh the conundrums of knitting.

Speaking of, body of new sweater? DONE.


When the oven cleaner stuff says to wear rubber gloves. DO IT. Its tends to eat the skin right off your hands. Ask me how I know. I double dirty dog dare you.

*YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Don't make me tell your Mom.

**So lame. Sorry

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