Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Returning to fall down

Seriously, who stole summer? I'm not really complaining mind you, as my mind has turned to sweaters sweaters SWEATERS. Nice change from socks. But I have to say after being in 30+ c degrees for a week, it was a shock to get home to 9. Degrees. Gross. Socks I just finished with fiber I spun from my HHHH pal:

Oh Vegas... this was the view from our room. Well the second room.

This was in our first room. I had to move. It was unnerving. And the light in the case wouldn't shut off. AND DUDE KENNY ROGERS.

Two of my favourite things. Chris and Chihuly glass.

Chris had a real dilemma whether 5 or 6 hour energy was the way to go.*

New BFFS. Screw you humpty.

Fremont Freakshow. And this guy didn't want to miss anyone with his damnation.

Chris was successful in poker, I was successful in shopping and discovered the cleanest best smelling bathrooms on the strip (The Monte Carlo casino). Fremont St was a total let down light show wise (glorified music video to Bye Bye Miss American Pie.. snore) but totally made up for it in the freakshow factor. Found the outlet mall (which was outdoors. 35 c that day) but YAY! Took the bus a lot and walked less. Also found the best buffet was right downstairs at Planet Hollywood where we stayed. Desserts? Better than the Paris. But I am now officially Vegased out.

In culinary news:

The Franch soup is just as good with carrots. Slightly chunkier, but TASTY.

We also got some more nifty stuff for the walls:

And now I have to go turn the furnace on. HI FALL!

*We chose 5. 6 seemed excessive.

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