Friday, November 03, 2006


I had decided I wanted a vest. After doing one for Chris, I thought to myself, "self.. you want a vest too". I even had the yarn picked out. It was chunky and would knit up FAST. And oh boy did it ever! I started it last Friday and finished it on Tuesday. Unfortunately I made a few HUGE MISTAKES. Like making it too damn big. Like not a "oh I can fix this with a good block big", But a HOLY CRAP I LOOK LIKE A ROTTEN FRUIT big. Puffy and maybe even slightly swollen. Nice huh? Just what a gal wants.. swollen, ugly, rotten fruit chest. Nope. AND I made it too short. Le sigh. So that's whats in the bag this time. All frogged (thanks all the deities for that wondrous ball winder at work, it made short work of it) and ready to be put aside. FOR NOW. The maddening thing? I had actually kept copious notes about this pattern and it would have been cool if it had worked. But I did learn something (Amy says "vests always need to be smaller than your body!" Now I know that too!) and isn't that whats its all about?

Not one to dwell on failure I set about knittin some mittins. This is a born of necessity thing you know. Its been FREAKING COLD HERE! I used less than* one skein of Misti Alpaca Chunky and cranked these out in a couple of hours (watching FAME! And 90210.. oh TV I love you). Pattern courtesy of my head. They work as I went out last night wearing them and my hands stayed roasty toasty.

Now I have been commanded to knit a tube for Chris. He gamely walks to work on that days I work/need the car and deemed it essential to have such a thing for these cold morning walks. A tube to be pulled up and over his ears and mouth. So I got some more of the Misti Chunky (in a lovely dark grey) and shall bang one out for him. PRONTO.

In other non knitting news, this is the first year that Jake has not gone Halloweening. It made me a little sad as I remember how he loved his Sonic The Hedgehog costume I sewed him when he was 3 (Yes I can sorta sew. Not well like my Mummy, but I can hem stuff. ish.) and how he loved the whole idea of getting free candy and being scary (ok not in the sonic costume but it was so cute it could make you cry in a minnit ok?). Now he is in high school. And its all about being cool. And no way would he fit in that thing anymore.. not that I've tried. ;)

I think I may need to make Max the Dog some booties or something (not that he'd keep them on but you gotta try right?) for his little paws. I took him for a big walk the other day and his leetle toes were cold. Poor little beastie.

Oh and I shall try to get a modeled shot of the vest. If he is amenable to that. We'll see. :)

*OMG LESS THAN ONE SKEIN! These rocked me! VALUE!!!!


carmelclose said...

Better luck with your next vest but your mittens are totally awesome, but then again I'm always stuck on mittens - maybe should move somewhere colder, NOT!!!

granolagirl said...

Wierd, I just knit almost the exact same pair of mittens last weekend (see blog for pic)

Kathy said...

Those mitties are beautiful! Way to go, your head!

Tara said...

OMG i love kniting mittens two - but i hate you for doing it in two hours while i woud need all the DVD's of all the seaons of 90210 to knit mittens .. like 20 hours! jk. maybe 10 hours.. bah! Either way you rock in that make others jealous way! :)