Thursday, November 23, 2006


Why is blogger being so techy about signing in? Grr argh.. Speaking of Buffy.. season 8 coming soon. IN COMIC FORM!!

We snuck away to see the latest Bond film today. Even after Calgary traffic conspired to keep us away we still made it! Finally a good reason for those commercials eh? DANIEL CRAIG = YUMMY. Plot was a bit thin (changed from the novel) but did I mention DANIEL CRAIG BEING YUMMY? Well he is.

There has been some knitting I must say. I still can't find the camera, so verbose I must be. I bought the Stitch Diva Curiously Clever Clog pattern and got the main part of one done, but got really excited about doing a another (chut up) top down raglan in Blue Sky Worsted. Olive green with a big red skull on the back. YAY! I think I have officially set aside the clogs. GASP!

I know necessity is the mother of invention. Like how there was supposed to be 15 skeins of Olive at work but somehow.. there is only 7 (hence the red addition). We have had a rash of things going missing (Crochet hooks! DAMN YOU!) from Make 1. It makes me really sad to know that there are people out there ready to steal from not only such lovely gals, but lovely gals who are working really really hard to make a cohesive community for us fibre addicts. But I suppose there are bad elements everywhere.

It gets colder here in Cowtown.. the dog is happy he has a new sweater. I promise to take those piccies asap.



Amy (indigirl) said...

Um. Are you talking about the lighter green olive or the darker one? If it's the lighter one, then Sandra has it in her frogged vest at home. If it's the darker one, it may be on hold for someone... or it was sold wrong. I'm just guessing that didn't go walking off. Bah.

Christine said...

I want to marry Daniel Craig's voice! It's so rich and sexy it gives me the chills.

Hmp. Stealers suck ass.