Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Slow but going

It is moving along s o s l o w l y.. but it is moving. I met up with some pals last night and while knitting is mostly what we do, distraction was had by the evil NINTENDO DS and its wicked game ANIMAL CROSSING: WIDE WORLD. Having been cracking out on this little time suck, I was so excited to see my crack-ness was matched by the marvelous Dana. We met up, and Ds to DS fun was had by all. And the picto chat feature? OMGWTFBBQ. More fun that any 13 year old boys knitting women should be allowed to have.

So I made a decision to quit the barely formed Rollergirls team. They want the kind of commitment (practice 3x a week!) I am not ready to give pretty much anything right now, and it wouldn't be the most fair thing in the world to try to drag it out. Whatever.. I am an oldie anyways and hate team sports. What was I thinking?

Ah Vegas... so much shopping I want to do....

1 comment:

Christine said...

Have you tried BrainAge? That is my crack.

I love how video games are getting more interesting, and not just aimed at 10 year olds.