Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No piccies today

Nope not a one. I am still plugging away on the log cabin, albeit slowly. Its been too damn hot to sit with pile o wool on my lap, thankfully the weather broke yesterday and we had some rain. And more hail, but really thats niether here or there huh?

We have booked a trip to VEGAS baby! We leave July 25th. I've never been before! WoOt! I am V EXCITED.

Also on the good news front, I am teaching two classes at Make 1!! Here is the newsletter:


See? Two classes!! How exciting! Boy I love that shop and the rockin' Amy and Sandra. They are just the best :)

I am suffering a little bit of the insomnia right now.. maybe some more knitting is in order, you know to calm me. /eyeroll

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granolagirl said...

Congrats on the teaching post!! If I was not going out of town all the time I'd sign up (I still haven't tried felting anything).