Thursday, June 23, 2011

I only eat candy.....

Chris has a theory that I have been avoiding my blog because of the pictures of Max. Maybe he is right... so here's a post to push that off the map.

To tell the truth I have been avoiding all my blogs as I am having a lazy/not feeling funny/too little hours in the day even for me who doesn't do anything few weeks. I will now force the issue. You know it's getting bad when I'm not even taking pictures of my knitting. And I have done a TON of knitting. I've finished at least 4 or 5 shawls since I've shown any off. huh.

Pickles is being very very strange since Max died. He is very NEEDY. At least I think he's stopped looking for Max. I think. But he seems kinda scared to go outside by himself. This is a picture of him I just took hiding under my chair. We are actively looking for a puppy for a companion for him. But it's harder than you'd think, finding a dog. I miss Max more than I thought I would. More than I thought was possible. The unending rain didn't help.

This has been a sad week. Chris' Auntie died. She was very sick and in pain, and far too young. I wish I could have gotten to know her better than I did. She seemed clever, funny and very caring. I'm so sad for my MIL. This has been a rough time for her. Big loves to you Moms.

But it's time to push the maudlin bullshit, poor me stuff away now. The sun is finally out! I'll take pictures of my knitting and go run around the back yard with Pickles (doing the dog turd obstacle course) and feel better. Cause I have always got my gummi bears.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Max....I had no idea.......they always hold suck a special place in our hearts!(evilknittingtwin)