Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Black Sheep, Come Home...

I'd like to welcome the newest additions to my desk, tiny cow and tiny deer. They are living on what Safeway calls (so aptly I must say) Green Balls. Seriously, that is what they were labeled as in the floral dept. I actually think they are some kind of moss or something as I've had it for 2 weeks and it shows no signs of dying yet. I have them cut very short and put into a wee glass bowl with tiny cow and deer grazing merrily on top. Wonder how long my black thumb will keep them going? Me too.

Knitting content!

Malabrigo lace and my first project with nupps. SUPER FUN. This is a pattern called Mimosa and I enjoyed it so much that I made another one. Right after. Cause I'm not weird or anything.

Same project, different yarn. Reclaimed cashmere I bought form Etsy. Lovely.

Punta space dyed merino lace yarn. I used a chart to knit this. That is amazing for me. AMAZING. I am usually terribly chart phobic. Go me!

More Malabrigo lace. Another Traveling Woman shawl. I sent the honeysuckle one to to my MIL so knit one for me to keep.

Knitpicks Chroma fingering weight. Nice enough yarn but it had 3 KNOTS IN IT! That were tied to different colours. An enormous pain in my arse and really put me off it. I have a shit ton more of it and don't really want to use it. :/

More Malabrigo, more nupps. I think I may have a problem here.....

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Dana said...

Green Balls? Classy, Safeway-- real classy..

Love the knitting content. Hate knots in yarn. HATE.