Sunday, August 29, 2010

We all float on

After this weekend I may need to get this app. We went to Montana's for lunch on Friday. We never go there but Chris was told by his GI Dr that he is low in iron so he wanted some RED MEAT and off we went. I order chicken finger because sometimes I roll like a toddler. The food came out and we dug in. I took one bite and it happened. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. It wasn't going down, in fact it wasn't going anywhere. I couldn't breathe or move and my ears started to ring. I looked at Chris across the table wordlessly and made my hands go around my neck. He laughed and then looked really weird.. he asked if I was choking and I nodded. The ringing was getting louder. He stood up and came over to my side of the booth (he is a trained first aid responder) and started to get behind me to give me the Heimlich. The ringing was getting louder and I thought "oh fuck, I don't wanna die in a Montana's! this SUCKS!" Utilising a Herculean force I managed to kinda throw up the blocking chicken piece and GASPED for air. Chris sat down and asked if I was ok. He said he knew it was trouble when I went dead silent. No noise is bad. I shook for about an hour after it was all said and done, and even managed to nibble on some chicken. I was really hungry what can I say?

I had no idea so many thoughts could race through your mind in such a short time. It was one of the scariest things that has ever happened. even if nothing did happen. Lesson learned, chew your food better. But I have to say I am a little bit scared of big solid food still. I've been eating lots of yogurt. :/

More knitting: Citron out of some colour changing cotton yarn. I'm not sure about the yarn, it's cool, but not fantastic to knit with. Very splitty and the colour change parts have knots in them. I think I am a wool girl at heart. Cotton seems lifeless in my hands. No bounce or spring. Blocking is a PITA* and um... I dunno..

But it *is* pretty! I may have gone on a little yarn bender when Chris was gone to Houston.

There's some nice wool in there I tell ya! Almost all of it was 50% off too. Shamefully I have a nail polish bender to almost rival that too.. it's the colours that get me. Every time.

*pain in the arse

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alone again.. naturally...

It's weird how many times I've done this lately. Seriously. Like 5 times in the last week! I'm blaming meds. I did start a bunch of news ones so..

The last few weeks have been not very great here. My Mom died on July 30th. She has been sick for a long time, but this was really sudden. We had expected a few more months.. but that's not how it went. None of us were ready for it to happen so quickly. We had a lovely service for her and so many people came! It was really a celebration of her life, she would have loved it, but been embarrassed by all the attention. That was my Mom. Our little English Rose.

The flowers were from my ex-In-laws. Weird right? But they are lovely people and Jake's grandparents. So very kind of them. I have to say I am impressed with the kindness people have shown me in the last few weeks. My friends have really been amazing, emailing and phoning and offering help. It is times like this that you find out who your friends really are. They are ones holding you up when you feel like falling down. Showing small kindnesses.

And now onto more uplifting things..

One of Jake's friends put this on Mr Pickles and holy shit did we laugh. Isn't he just the bomb? Poor Pickles, the indignities he suffers to make us laugh. I shaved him yesterday and after wards I was covered in picklefuzz so I took a shower. When I was done I called him in to the bathroom and brought him in the shower. That definitely sounds way pervier than it was. In fact it was hilarious as he doesn't realise he should shut his eyes when water is falling in them. He does the same thing in the rain. Anyways, he got a quick rinse and towel off. I'm sure he felt much better in yesterdays heat. Today however, I'm sure I was getting the stink eye. Summer in Alberta dude.. we have had our furnace on every month of the year. And I reckon it is going on tonight.

Chris is in Houston right now training a bunch of people to do I have no idea what.. so I have been eating badly, staying up late and shopping. In case you thought this was a knitting content free post, think again. I have been PRODUCTIVE!

 See? Lace is my crack right now. Which is better than say.. real crack.. right?