Monday, November 08, 2010

Time keeps on slipping into the future...

Sometimes I think I need to call my mom to tell her something. And I remember that I can't. It doesn't happens as much any more, but it comes out of the blue and leaves a strange metallic taste in my mouth. A feeling of unreality. My dad sent me a picture of her marker. In an email entitled FYI. Only he would do that. He is funny.

I'm slowly coming to realise that I am going to have to manage this stupid disorder* FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I guess. I've forgotten to take my pills a few times now, and that my possums, is not a good thing. NOT AT ALL. Also, I am so disordered I can't take my vitamins unless I can chew them. Pills are good, but I am already tired of them. sigh. Oh, woe is me. Hardly. But calcium chews are pretty tasty. I now call them calci-yums!

I have started trying to brush the dogs teeth. Yeah, I know. But Max has the breath of a thousand corpses** and I've noticed Pickles getting a little bit if tartar on a couple of his teeth. I've been slacking on giving him the rawhide chews cause I don't want him to get fat(ter) but think his teeth are more important. It's way less fun than I thought, this dog tooth brushing. Ok, they actually aren't bad. But the next puppy I get? Starting this program EARLY.

I have been knitting, knitting, knitting. Anything to take my mind off my pain/annoyance at myself/shitty tv/general malaise. I even have pictures to prove it!

A lovely little scarfy thing called Laodice that was a bit of a slog to get through, but worth it in the end. Although that might be the Malabrigo talking...

This pattern was so much fun to knit, I'm actually knit another version of it in a different weight (and finished it last night) right after this one. It's called Whipped, but it was really whip it good.

I bought this yarn off of someone on Ravelry. I don't usually go for intense variegation anymore, but the colours of this just called to me I guess. The yarn was a joy to knit with, from an indie dyer called Ruby Sapphire. I LOVED it. Really gorgeous yarn, and I loved this pattern too.. so pretty,

My little green tree is still alive (better be) and it is called a Golden European Tree. I bought it at Safeway for 4$. It looks awesome on my desk..

*I had to go to Wikipedia to find out if it was a syndrome, disease or disorder. I think disorder sounds like the lesser of the three evils.
**maybe because he eats poo. I have tried everything. whatever. he doesn't have that long left, we'll deal. ugh. gross.


Anonymous said...

HUGS Karen!!
What is your disorder anyways?
You can come over a practice doggy tooth brushing on Solomon anytime! He could really use it.
Hope you feel better soon!

karen said...

oh Heather you're so sweet! it's fibromyalgia. which sucks balls. :)

Vintage by CherishedHearts@Etsy said...

I sometimes wish to tell my grandma something, then realise I can't. I tell her anyway!

Lovely work that you do.

I understand the 1000 corpse breath. A few of our dogs are oldies that have come from not so nice places, and even after cleaning, there is still odor.

As for the poo, pineapple added to food is supposed to make the poo taste icky.