Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Fear

Chris is putting together a recumbent bike in the spare room. Here's to hoping a little exercise will get done. You know, besides the assembling of it.

It's been unusually wet here for us, even if it is June. The southern parts of the province are experiencing enormous amounts flooding. Our lawn is still green. Which is really saying something. We don't water it. EVER. Yes, we are those neighbours. But we do mow. Rather, Jake does. It's nice having a teenage back around to do the heavy lifting.

I'm tired lately. The Fibro stuff makes me conscious of how much I do, and where I want to spend my spoons. Chris went to Pittsburgh overnight for a meeting this week, and I went out the first day he was gone to do some shopping. I used to be able to go go GO, but I was beat by the end of the day. Which awesomely involved new shoes, new dresses and did you know Perrier makes GRAPEFRUIT FLAVOURED WATER? Well they do. And it is gooooooood.

 Also: when you find a half a ice cream bar and tell Unilever about it, they send you coupons!  Plus check out that awesome nail polish. OMG. I love, it!! I started a polish blog, it's pretty much just pictures. But I do so enjoy it. Pretty Girly.


Dana said...

I have to say that your polish looks divine. And I love the pictures on your new blog!

It makes me giggle, though, because 'polish' for nails reads the same as 'Polish' from Poland, so I'm imagining you starting a Polish blog. All about perogies! :)

Annie said...

i did not noze you were a nail polish girl. shiny!