Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The girl is crafty like ice is cold!

I recently had an old old* pal get in contact with me who I hadn't seen in oh.. close to 15 years. Our kids used to play together when they were wee. In fact they are only 9 months apart. Of course she went on to have 2 more and I opted for dogs. Bad ones. See?

Anyways.. she had the occasion to come to town and we hooked up for an afternoon of catching up. Which entailed laying on my new bed and picking up right where we left off. Funny thing friendship, the true ones really hold on. We fell back into familiar patterns and it was like we were in junior high. Facebook can be used for good see?

I have been having real sleep problems lately. I have excellent sleep hygiene so am a little stressed about it. I picked up some melatonin this weekend, and haven't quite found the right dosage yet. The search continues. Any good remedies? Speak up!

We also picked up a new coffee system. You know how much I LOVE my coffee, but after about um.. 3 or 4 years of pulling my own shots, I am tired of it**. So we went with the system we had been looking at before buying our last one. We weren't convinced it would still be around but it is and OMG. Where have you been all my life Tassimo? What with your perfect cup of coffee and teas, and hot chocolate and lattes and espressos and..


I have also been knitting like a crazy woman. Well duh. Finished a sweater. Gave it to Miss Morgan (who seriously? I have GOT TO STOP KNITTING FOR) who wore like it was made for her. Cause apparently it was. The bonus? She has a pink Malabrigo sweater FOR MEEE!!!!

A HUGE shawl. Huge as in big ass yarn. Took 2 days. Silly fast.

Random shot of Henry the bear as I was testing out the simple drive on my camera.

Bed report: Like laying in a cloud. Enough said.

*not that we are old.. we have been friends for a REALLY LONG TIME ok? NOT OLD.
**lazy FTW!


Anonymous said...

Ummm do you think the Tassimo and lack of sleep could be related? ;)
Melatonin doesn't ever really do anything for me either. I like really strong sleepytime tea, and a warm bath, that usually puts me right to sleep. That or a Habs game in french. I know I'm weird!
Cute hair by the way!

Dana said...

Marty is a wicked insomniac and didn't like melatonin, either. He uses the sleepytime tea (which I can't do-- makes me need to pee too much in the middle of the night), and also tries to bore himself into slumber.

If those don't work, I usually spray some lavender onto his pillow and gently rub his head until he falls asleep. I'm such a suck!! :)

Anonymous said...

I had to cut down to one triple shot breve in the morning and that's it. My naturapath suggested 'calming tea' throughout the day (skull cap and oatstraw). That totally helped! I went overboard and bought a tea called "nervous tonic' and my kids had to pry me off the couch because Mama was feeling way too floppy. Love the sweater! What sweet friends you and Morgan are to each other! xo Kathy