Friday, May 22, 2009

Dyeing for spring

Pickles and Max* would like to welcome spring. And line drying dyeing. At least if Pickles wasn't scared of it and wigged out when he first saw it. He is fine now. But still that first line dry... terrifying.

Sometimes I forgot there are people who aren't on Ravelry. Sorry. I have been knitting! See? Pretty huh? Drops alpaca scarf. Yummay.

And some not so great photos of eyes wide shut us but its the only one I have of my smokin' boots, so tough. The sweater I knit out of black Malabrigo, its like butter. But better. We were on our way out to a fancy dinner for our 10th anniversary. Swanky huh?

Still goofballs after 10 years. And could I maybe have covered up that bra strap? Oh my!

Right now I have a cobbler in the oven and am waiting for Chris to finish his remicade infusion. Then its the beginning if birthday weekend** extravaganza. And by that I mean I booked and appointment for Chris to go to a posh spa for a massage (I am having some back issues.. again so no thanks) and that's about it. EXCITING HUH? :) Happy birthday also to our Angie. It must have sucked sharing a b-day when you were kids. But now? Who cares eh?

I have some optim to spin, and am happy to sit very still and do so. Careful now. Easy does it.

Happy weekend all..

*See his teeny tiny head on the very right hand side of the picture? Poor Maxy had to get a loose tooth pulled the other day. I am happy to report he came through like a trouper and is much happier for it. Also my vet rocks. He didn't even charge me for a vet visit. I LOVE YOU DR TORRENCE.
**Chris is 37 on Saturday. I am 41 (gulp) on Sunday. It helps to never forget being that close.

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Anonymous said...

Haha! I see Max's head. I had to really look, though.