Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Smallest

Things are sometimes the most full of awesome.

-long weekends
-puppy cam
-a lapful of my *clean* snuggly puppies
-a new hoodie
-finishing a hat/scarf/mitt set for Chris
-home made pumpkin chocolate chip loaf
-finally getting a picture of my sweater (even if Chris did a shit job as I was interrupting his video game time)
-toaster ovens that work
-finishing a bobbin of lace weight
-awesome friends that come visit and praise my barista skillzor (see what you are missing assholes?*)
-nothing exciting politically to charge me up**
-sleeping in

Mmm.. sweater goodness.

* And no I haven't been back to you stbx. We are through. YOU HEAR ME THROUGH!
**A tip of the hat to the USA. This goes a long way to assure me that despite your shitty chocolate, private health care and GOD hates Fags people, you guys rock. Good job.


dana said...

So sad I missed coming over on the weekend! That sweater is the bestest.

Christy Pinheiro, EA said...

I love this post-- and yes, I did vote for Obama. Your blog is funny and irreverent and I love sweaters too, but I'm functionally retarded when it comes to knitting. The baby's asleep upstairs so I thought I'd say hello and tell you I am going to try your buffalo recipie.

Dana said...

Yeah, sweaters and Obama! Boo stbx! YOUR LOSS, STBX!!!