Friday, May 23, 2008

Top 10

Top 10 reasons I Love my Husband

  1. He always leaves me the good towels to use. You know, the awesome ones my seeeeester sent us? Yup. He knows I love a good towel.

  2. He tries to understand the knitting/spinning/dyeing thing with all his might.

  3. He draws me leetle peektures when I ask him.

  4. He leaves me little notes that say "I ,<3 kittin" everywhere

  5. He introduced me to Dario Argento. Love at first sight.

  6. He catches me when I fall down dead from things. Like the cute, or the hungry.

  7. He loves the doggies. This is the guy who really didn't like animals that much, now he donates to the SPCA. Max and Pickles LOVE HIM.

  8. He is a great step dad.

  9. He always praises my craftiness and says "I think this is the best ____ you have ever done!! "

  10. He picked me.

Happy Birthday Chris. I love you!

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