Thursday, July 05, 2007

Simple really

Et Voila!

I am pretty freakin' happy with this loverly FO. I did a few alterations to the pattern (and who knew no gusset under the arm would work.. but IT DID!) like changing the sleeves completely to my taste. It fits beautifully, feels divine and looks spectacular. I will hopefully get some better pictures of this soon, the bed makes for shit model I know. As for whassup next, I have a little shrunken cardi in mind made of this lovely:

Which was de-stash score from the lovely Morgan (who I miss! Damn you work getting in the way of socialising!). Its Reynolds Mandalay 100% silk. I think I may have an addiction to the smell of silk right now. I keep taking deep huffing like breaths of it. Its only a problem if it interferes with your daily life yes? So far I can do this without attracting too much attention to myself. Ha!

In other news.. the trip to the Island looms near and I am so on top of things its scary. The wee dogga is going to the vet to get heartwormed and flea proofed. We have a soft carrier for him lined up, and I even have someone coming by to check the mail. Who is the organised person? Strange.

We bought a Wii! It is sucking a little bit of knittng time away but I am careful not to overdo it as I already can see how one could develop a freakishly oversized bicep if one isn't careful to switch up hands. loser.

AND Sephora opens today. Well its their *soft* opening at 6 pm tonight, the grand one is tomorrow. I have told Chris NOT TO BE LATE HOME TONIGHT. THERE IS NO EXCUSE! Walking past it Monday I noticed the paper all off the windows and I almost crashed into the door. The ladies inside laughed at me. Whatever.. if Bath and Body Works ever opens here.. I NEVER HAVE TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY AGAIN.

here's hoping!



dana said...

The island!! Is it the very same island I'm thinking of? It's wonderful here right now! (After a couple of weeks of shit rain and such.)

Once again, the FO looks awesome. Love the colour, love the style, love it love it love it!

Morgan said...


and maybe tomorrow?? email me and let me know if you are working.

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...


Sarah said...

Hey! I was searching blogger help when I found you. I still can't figure out how to get the button from the KnittingKitty webring in. Can you help out a fellow knitter?