Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Home again

Ok first things first.. a couple of snaps of the shawl I am crazy in love with. So simple, so lovely, so great a use of Manos.. (colourway Agate, about 375 g as I used a titch of it for something else)

Work has such great natural light yes? The pattern is here:


And did I mention it is a FREE PATTERN (and I am too lazy to do a nice tidy html pretty link.. deal ok?)? Can't beat free with a stick now can you? And even though the picture is um.. well lets just say I was told to embrace my inner poncho ( I<3 Leanne), it can be so much more than that you know? I LOVES it I do.. In fact it has inspired me (along with another lovely and fabulous woman Nancy) to look at things like this:

With a lot more seriousness. Like serious enough that maybe that pink skein is sitting in front of my TV right now calling me. Of course it has competition.. in the FORM OF..

Sigh.. so much damn yarn.. so little time. This HAD to come home from work with me last week. It really really did. I haven't felt the siren pull of something like this for a long time.. now I have enough for a sweater. A scoop neck cardi I think, but we'll see. This bit of heaven has made me its bitch. Oh yes it has.

Just in case you thought the trip up North yielded nada.. you were so very wrong. These are destined for others, and there were 2 more, but someone (MARILYNN) couldn't wait and had to scamper in on her day to off to collect her booty. She is too cute.

These are for me. WTF? I don't do sock yarn!? Well I DEFY anyone to resist the siren call of Socks That Rock, because even the non sock yarn Betties (and yes there are a few of us ok?) can go for a HEAVY WEIGHT! Ok and that Lorna's had to sneak in for its close up too. Chris picked the blue out for himself, and I duly promised to *eventually* make socks for him. I also made him leave River City Yarns when it came time to pay. He agreed handily. I love my husband. I really do. :)

We had a fabulous time up in the Chuck we did. we saw lovely family, ate ridiculous amounts of food, went shopping and best of all we made a really sweet new friend. Here she is, Princess Toshi.

She is a very well travelled pup, from Australia and has now achieved permanent resident status with Chris' Aunt Norma and Uncle Tom. We think she is very lucky to have them. :) She is a Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix and just as nice as pie. Nicer in fact. She warmed up us and even deigned to sit with Chris for his morning OJ.

What a gorgeous doll she is! Max stayed with my Mum and Dad, but will be introduced next time we go up. We think they will get along famously.

What did you do this weekend??


carmelclose said...

The MineShaft is to die for as you well know. You're some lucky you scooped that up cause if it was still there I was gonna get it (dont know what I would have done with it, but none the less).....

Christine said...

That is a seriously beautiful shawl, Karen!!! Wow. You have a fab knit wardrobe.

granolagirl said...

Gorgeous shawl, you might have to keep a close eye on that one if you bring it to the shop!
Drool, yarn, drool...

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Gorgeous shawl! Great yarn haul too. Love all the LL and the STR, Lucky you. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your scoop neck, the colour is wonderful. And it's great knitting weather.

Robin said...

I'm just looking at this shawl again and have to say it really is great! Your new yarn looks delicious as well, especially the STR...yum.