Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We got the beat

We had an unreasonably hot spell last week. For reals who thinks 34 c is good idea in September? NOT ME. Or the dogs. Poor bastards had a rotten time staying cool. Pickles idea is to stay off the ground as much as possible. Max? He sleeps.

But really? It made for some purty pictures didn't it? I love our big blue sky, who knew I was totally a prairie girl?

Of course this lead to me not being able to knit on my ginormous blanket* of sock yarn. No way could I have all the wool on my lap. Gross. So I knit a quick sweater (that I have no pictures of) and started a shawl out of cashmere and silk. Woot.

We have done the almost unthinkable and invited a great whack of people over this Sunday to view our new kitchen. Oh and give away all of our CD's and lots of movies. Since we've ripped most of our music to the compy, the actual physical discs have been quietly gathering dust and taking up space. Movies too. SO MANY MOVIES!** So we thought why not give them to our nearest and dearest. So that means I really do gotta finish up the small bits of decor that have been plaguing me.

In other news...

Jake had his wisdom teeth out with no ill effects so far. It was kinda entertaining to see him all sleepy and compliant. But he is a trooper (tough as nails) and there has been a minimum of complaining. For a teenager. Nice how I had to add that in innit?

*Blanket is larger than it appears.
**Many which I have bought at least three times. VHS, DVD and now Blu Ray. NO MORE I TELL YOU. NO MORE.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

poor poor pitiful me..

Hey Guise! We're BACK!

Well not really. Poor bloggy. All alone and somewhat friendless. Chris keeps nagging reminding me about you dear blog. So finally, here I am. hat in hand ready to say I'm sorry I've ignored you for so long.

A quick recap then shall we?

End of July. Nothing much to see here. Please drive through.

August. More of the same. Mostly. We DID plan our kitchen reno! The best place to find out about that is over at Chris' blog. He was much more on the ball than I was about recording the whole thing. I however am in possession of most of the pictures! Which I haven't uploaded off the camera.

UNTIL NOW!!!! (duh duh duuuuuuuuuuh!

In fact to prove how meta I am, I took some more pictures of my NEW DESK as I was writing this post. With the post up on the screen! How internets awesome am I? I have never had my own desk before. I KNOW RIGHT? So since the kitchen is you know, kitchen like now, a work space was a good idea! This is what my morning looks like most days to start.

The mug is one I drew when I was in Grade 1. Seriously a relic of my childhood. Magazine for a little light reading (and OMG ZOMBIELAND SOON!*), yarn, coffee and my little terrarium. I am a bit green thumbed challenged you see.

Top view of the rad.

Now I have all the kitchen photos! I think I'll get Chris to do a photo essay of them. I have some teaser shots for you, but we are waiting on a couple of prints for the naked walls (that look so good painted!)** and we are still discussing rugs. Like we bought one, but it was compromise rug. I dunno.. it's not my vision.

Please to be noticing THE DISHWASHER! It is actually on and hissing bits of lovely steam as I took this picture. You know this has been the longest period of my life that I didn't have a dishwasher. I will run that bastard everyday. It brings me joy. Such sweet joy.


So in other non house related news...

Jakey boy has to get his wisdom teeth pulled out this Friday (the bottom ones are totally HORIZONTAL!) at the oral surgeon. I kiboshed the idea of our dentist doing it, and was commended by the surgeon for that decision. So 3k later.. actually our insurance pays for all but about 100 dollars. THANK VOODOO MAN! Go Jake! He pretends he isn't nervous, but I think different. :)

My Moms is having some health issues right now too. I have been trying to knit for her as I am not there, but it's not the same.

Sweater for Moms. Bamboo and silk. Nice!

Shawl of merino. So much fun to knit I think I'm gonna do another one for me.

And I have been doing some knitting for me too..

Hand dyed and hand spun organic merino garter stitch shawl. I love it. Super snuggly.

I have just finished another sweater as of last night but it's blocking out right now. It took less than a week to knit!!!! And I also have a 10 stitch blanket on the go. In fact I'm hosting a KAL for it on Ravelry on the Calgary Knit Club group. Why haven't you joined yet?

*Which reminds me, we went and saw The Final Destination in 3D! The 3D elevated a normally ho hum. somewhat predictable rube goldberg killing movie into AWESOMENESS. Seriously, I was swatting away things and ducking. Oh 3D. I love you.

**If my back wasn't full of fail, I have no doubt I could paint walls for a living. Oh and fuck diamonds, a palm sander is a girls best friend in the painting world.